Howdy all! I'm going to try and keep my posts strictly hair related, however, I might have a post here and there that's a bit more personal and pictures of what I'm up to periodically. Enjoy!

Let's talk about..

     UNDERCUTS. Now-a-days, we are seeing them everywhere, it's almost hard to find someone fashion forward or the hair industry that doesn't have or hasn't had an undercut recently. Even in the general public, undercuts are booming, both in men and women. You can catch many celebs rocking the hell out of 'em, *ahem* Miley Cyrus, Scar Jo, Rihanna, David-and probably Victoria- Beckham, and I'm sure one of the One Direction dudes probably has one.  I'll admit, I was very skeptical about them at first, and even still, you can catch me occasionally talking to people wondering why everyone wants to shave the nape of their hairline like some late 90s female basketball player. However, I cannot deny the practicality of them, and also that they are now becoming more creative, stylish, and functional. More often than not, now, it is not just someone with a full head of hair buzzing everything out from their ears to their neck for the heck of it; but more of either softer looks that are a bit longer than clipper cuts, designs in the shaved part,  a neat almost blend into length just at the top, or something with more of an aesthetic appeal. Though I still have my doubts about some kinds, there's no denying that many are stylish or cute, and that most are practical.

    For example, this one is for you girls with dense hair: are you ever struggling with feeling like the back is too puffy or bulky, even after you flat iron it or thin it? This is a perfect example of where an undercut can be so useful. If you have hair that you feel is too dense- a generally common complaint- taking out some of the excess underneath the rest of your head of hair can significantly reduce the bulk. Your hair will move much more freely, be easier and quicker to style, and it won't shorten up your perimeter length. My personal favorite is that it can emphasize the shape of the haircut over it, which is why I recently hopped on the undercut train... I have a beautifully cut one length bob that would tend too look all over the place if I didn't style it 100% correctly because I had SO MUCH hair. I have yet to have that problem since I received my undercut(: Plus, it's a great way to get all that hot hair off of your neck this summer. Still not convinced because you think it may be too harsh to wear up should you need to? Well, you don't even need to shave it, you could just get a nice bit of disconnected graduation in your nape, or a soft, close shear cut, maybe even a clipper cut with a cute design. It may be a big change to some, but it's hard to deny the benefits.

    Now that we've established some practical reasons, let's talk about the look. I'll let pictures do most of the talking for this one, but I'll give a little preface. Many people get undercuts because they like how it looks, weather they have some asymmetrical graduation underneath, a cool design, a nice soft shorter length, length just through the middle so that the undercut is almost always visible(seen most often of mens cuts with top knots or long pompadors) or if they choose to wear their hair up often, or part towards the side opposite their cut to show it off. A lot of humans just like the look and rock it as well, and I say LET THEM EAT CAKE.

*Quick lil' disclaimer that none of these photos are work by me, or my own photos, they were found via google